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Appalachian Trail Hike (Trail Gear)

1 I’ll be going on a 4 day hike in a few weeks on the Appalachian Trail with my pastor and a small group of guys from my church. We’ll be starting out at Springer Mountain, GA and heading up to Woody Gap, GA. It’s only about 20 miles or so, broken up over a four day period… but it will be a great trip! The shortness of it is probably optimal, as most of the guys going on the trip are not experienced hikers. I know that as for myself, I’ve never hiked (apart from a few day hikes) through any mountain ranges before. I’ve hiked quite a bit here in Florida, which has a few hills and somewhat challenging terrain at times, but it is nothing compared to mountain hiking. Depending on the outcome & enthusiasm of this trip, we may possibly try to make this an annual trip in the future. As I’ve been getting different pieces of my hiking gear purchased and together with all of my existing hiking & camping gear, I wanted to throw together a quick little video showing the majority of my options for this trip. Most of the kit I’m keeping for the hike has already been separated to date (much of it excluded some of the items that I first ‘thought’ would be good to have), and I’m sure that I’ll be bound to remove more gear as the departure date gets closer. After going on a short little 5 mile hike with some of the guys going on the trip a couple weekends ago, I immediately came home and tore my pack apart to try and find items that I do not “need”. The primary weight of my pack (so far) seems to be my Catoma IBNS (Internal Bug Net System) solo tent, which is probably unavoidable without taking a hammock in place of it. The downside is that my food & water was not in my pack, which is a little intimidating… even though I do realize that I’ll be quickly eating through my food supply as the days on the trail pass by. 2 Outside of a handful of items that I still have yet to purchase, I feel that I’m mostly ready for this trip. Hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

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  1. Bran <
    Bran <08-16-2015

    Hi Evan! I’d love to go more in-depth on my bags, but I’ve since sold off my old hiking pack and only have my Osprey Xenith pack at this time.

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