EDC Breakdown

EDC (Every Day Carry) Breakdown

EDC, or Every Day Carry, consists of items that you normally keep on your person every day. The items could change with your location or even the time of the year. It’s just the little small things that you have on you that may become extremely useful if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

If you have at all followed anyone into survival and/or being prepared, chances are you have seen at least one post or video from them showing everything that they keep in their EDC. No two EDC’s are alike and vary from person to person, just depending on their lives (ex. circumstances, location, seasons, and even just preferences).

Most of the items in my EDC I keep on my person, while others (primarily just my PSK & Seal Pup Elite) I keep in my shoulder bag that I picked up while down in Peru. I also happen to have a 3M N100 Particulate Respirator mask (when I was unsure about the whole “Ebola Outbreak”) in my shoulder bag as well that I haven’t taken out yet and neglected to include in this photo. This is my first post for my EDC… but since I enjoy seeing what other people carry, I thought that I’d share mine here.

EDC Breakdown

**Top, Left to Right**
– Keys (Carabineer, Scissors, P-38 & P-51 Can Openers,
Sears & Roebuck Flat Drivers, Bottle Opener, and Pill Fob)
– ThorFire VG10 Tactical Flashlight [product link] [review link]
– Ruger SR9c 9mm (Black Nitride) [product link]

**Middle, Left to Right**CameraZOOM-20111220193428063
– Leatherman Wave (Black Oxide) [product link]
– My PSK (Pocket Survival Kit) [review link]
– Work Badge
– Casio G-Shock MT-G Solar Atomic Wrist Watch [product link]
– Silicon Power (Global) 64GB Firma USB Drive [product link]
– Alpine Swiss Leather Wallet [product link]
– Leather Spiral Coin Purse [product link]
– Samsung Galaxy S4 w/ OtterBox Defender Series Case & Holster

**Bottom, Left to Right**
– SOG Knives Seal Pup Elite (Black Straight TiNi Blade) [product link]
w/ Black Light My Fire 2.0 Swedish Army FireSteel [product link]
– Uni Ball Vision Elite Ink Pen [product link]
– Ontario Knife Company Black RAT-2 Folding Pocket Knife [product link]
– Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring [product link]
– Apple EarPods [product link]
– Samsung 2amp Charger



What does your EDC consist of?

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