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Fenix HL60R 950 Lumen Headlamp (Review)

If you are anything like me, when you’re in the market for a new flashlight, there are usually specific requirements that you will be looking for in the “right light”. For me, I keep an eye out for the usual features… a flashlight that is compact, has a bright Cree LED, and a great even throw of light on an area or subject. One of the things over the years that I have found to be one of my top essential requirements is a light that is hands-free. There are many “hands-free” flashlight offerings on the market, but the best (in my opinion) are headlamps. As headlamps keep up with other technological advancements, they have gone from old clunky lights of years past… to small, energy efficient, bright white lights. My last primary headlamp that I used for many years was the Fenix HP25 headlamp, which I purchased for my first Appalachian Trail hike. I just recently did a review on my website (review link here) a couple months back as well, just sharing my thoughts and experience with that particular headlamp. As you can tell, this has been a well-used light of mine for some time, which I have been more than impressed with!


I just recently had an exciting opportunity presented to me to become a Brand Ambassador for Fenix Lighting USA. This was a decision that I did not have to give much thought to; because through my own experience and use, I know that this is one of the very few flashlight company’s which I can personally stand behind the quality of their products. I also appreciate that they allow me my own freedom to test, use and review their products without expecting me to deviate from my own ethics when it comes to creating my reviews.


Being that I have come to favor headlamps over flashlights in certain situations, I naturally requested to try out the new Fenix HL60R Headlamp. I have also really gotten into using USB powered devices that can be charged with my power banks or my solar panel, so the HL60R was a no-brainer! This little guy is powered by a VERY powerful 2600 mAh rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery, which can be charged back up inside the headlamp with a common micro-USB to USB power cord. You can cycle between the various light options of Red Light (1 lumen), Eco (5 lumens), Low (50 lumens), Medium (150 lumens), High (400 lumens), and Turbo (a brilliantly unbelievable 950 lumens!)

I took the HL60R out over the last month on a couple of fishing trips, as well as some fun weekend trips to Disney World with my family. I was astounded by how bright the headlamp can get when you crank it all the way up to the Turbo setting… but I found the most use out of the Low and Medium settings a majority of the time. It provided just enough light to see my line & bobber without ruining my night vision and the lighting is a perfect mix between a flood and spot beam, which is suitable for most tasks. 20170602_214200I really like having the Red Light option as well, but it seemed a little too low of light to be useful unless I was in absolute pitch black darkness. I generally go camping a lot when the weather isn’t as hot here in Florida, so I feel the Red Light setting will be better used under those circumstances. The light switch on the side of the light took a little getting used to, compared to my old headlamp, but I think I like the placement of it as well as the USB charging port right next to the switch. The IPX-8 waterproof rating didn’t get tested this time around, as I was not going to chance wading out in the water at night with the black tip sharks. While I was expecting the headlamp to be a little warm with extended use (even at the lower light settings), I experienced no differences in heat coming from the unit while I was wearing it. I have to admit, this light feels MUCH lighter on my head than my old HP25, which rocked out 4 AA batteries in the compartment on the back of the strap.

I don’t really feel that I need to sell anyone on this light, as it is one of the best headlamps that I’ve ever had the chance to use. I will say, if you have a need for a solidly built headlamp, I’d highly encourage you to consider this one.

This could be the only light you may end up needing for many years to come!

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