Fenix HP25 360 Lumen Headlamp (Review)


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For as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with flashlights and all things that glow. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “flashlight junkie”, by modern description, but I do have a pretty serious fixation on things that light up the night!

When I first moved back from college, I was going camping a lot with the guys from my brother’s youth group at church. I got really tired of collecting firewood in the evenings while trying to hold my flashlight in my mouth, so I purchased an inexpensive Rayovac AA powered LED headlamp. It pretty much changed how I use flashlights for good.

Back in 2014, while shopping for new gear for my first Appalachian Trail hike with a group of guys from my church, I came across the Fenix HP25 headlamp on Amazon. After reading all of the awesome reviews and looking at the photos, I was dead set on that replacing my old headlamp and being my primary light for my trip. I’m SO glad that I purchased it!!

During our hiking trip, we were only on the trails during the day time. So at night, we’d set up our tents (or in my case, my ENO JungleNest hammock) at our campsite and just relax after cooking dinner and filtering water at the creek. It was so dark out there when the sun went down, but my Fenix headlamp REALLY pushed back the darkness every time I used it! I’d usually put it on the highest setting while going to and from our water sources, then lower the setting when I was using my water filter to save on battery life. To my surprise, I never needed to change out the batteries during the whole trip… or even after months of sporadic use when I got back home. There’s a pretty good chance that I could’ve used the higher light settings more often and still have been fine.


(image source: fenixlight.in.ua)

As bright as my headlamp is, that really wasn’t the setting that saw the most use. It was actually the lowest setting on the flood light that I used the most while I was lying in my hammock at night, reading my book. The lowest setting put off just the right amount of light for me to read my book without my eyes straining to see the pages. It was also helpful when I wanted to locate some of the other small items that I kept with me in my hammock. Same thing goes for my trips in the night to relieve myself. My headlamp always had the right light options for whatever task I needed to take care of.

Since my hiking trip, my headlamp gets more use than any other flashlight that I own. From power outages, to working on my truck in the evenings, to even fishing out at the beach at night; this light has become my go-to light! The Fenix HP25 is fully adjustable with a 60-degree tilt, so you can get light to wherever you need it. The HP25 also has little tabs that essentially cover the buttons when the headlamp is in the vertical, closed position. That’s a brilliant little design decision, as it’s all too easy to accidentally turn headlamps on in your hiking pack; which could at the least run your batteries down, and at the worst, start a fire in your pack.


(image source: fenixlight.in.ua)

During the time that I’ve had my Fenix HP25 headlamp, I really haven’t come across very many negative points about this light that I don’t like. So I apologize ahead of time if it seems like I’m grasping for straws to find constructive criticism to share. I just love this light!!!


  • Hands Free
    – The best part of any headlamp, including this one, is the fact that it is hands-free. This allows you to use both of your hands while navigating or doing your camp chores.
  • Individually Controlled Dual Spot & Flood
    – This fantastic feature lets you either focus the spot light on a specific feature or use the flood feature to light up an entire area. By using both at the same time, you can get a wide & focused beam of light out in front of you.
  • 20 Light Patterns Including SOS
    – You have 20 patterns to choose from between the two individual light options. You even have an SOS feature that allows you to signal with your headlamp in an emergency.
  • Utilizes AA Batteries
    – AA batteries are probably the easiest to come by of any other battery size. This allows me to use batteries as backups from some of my other lights, such as my lantern.
  • It is Water & Impact Resistant
    – While you may not be able to go swimming with it, this light is pretty sturdy and able to resist minor drops and most water exposure like rain.


  • Warm on High
    – When using the light on the High setting, the front of the unit tends to get a little warm against your forehead for extended periods of use. I don’t normally keep the light on High for too long, just to save on battery life.
  • Adjustment Straps Loosen Up with Use
    – With plenty of use, the adjustment straps tend to loosen up a bit. It’s not a huge deal, as it’s just as easy to tighten up, but I do wish it would stay put.

(image source: fenixlight.in.ua)

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