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Personal Update

Hey Survivalists!

I’ve taken quite a long hiatus from website posts. I’d apologize, but it was for a pretty good reason!

My wife and I had our first child in September of last year… it’s almost been a full year, but we’ve both been enjoying being first-time parents and all the joys that come along with watching our little guy get big and transition through most all of his phases fairly quickly. He’s keeping us on our toes, but we love every minute!

Our little man will be 11 months tomorrow, and he’s got 6 teeth, is
walking and almost talking too. 20150503_190352I’m pretty stoked how we’ve been greatly blessed with such a healthy & strong little man! We can’t wait for him to get a bit bigger so he can enjoy the fishing, camping & hiking trips with us… along with finally going to Disney World for his first time.

In addition to my family life, I’ve been busy working full time (as usual) and also becoming a product tester & reviewer for almost a handful of companies. It’s been awesome becoming more familiar than I already am with different outdoor products, as well as trying to build relationships with the companies that I partner with. It has really been a heavy burden on my heart for this to someday (somehow) turn into a career so I am able to dedicate more time during my work week testing gear, rather than just doing it on the weekends. We’ll just see if/how God will open the doors for that, because it would only be by His hand and not my doing that it would ever work out! If any other companies would also like to partner with me, please just send an e-mail to outdoorsurvivalists@gmail.com  and I would be happy to send you my resume to review.

I’ve got some new posts coming down the pipeline… and hopefully I can also put together some new videos for my YouTube channel. I definitely have enough items to keep me busy with reviews for a while, since I’ve already been able to use a good amount of my newer gear over the last year or more.

I really appreciate all of the people who have followed me on my Facebook page (Outdoor Survivalists on Facebook), YouTube (Outdoor Survivalists on YouTube), Pinterest (Outdoor Survivalists on Pinterest), and Twitter (Outdoor Survivalists on Twitter)! If you haven’t yet started following me, please do!!!


Bran <><

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