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Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 (Review)

Here is my YouTube video review, I was so anxious to finally get my hands on not only the Solo Stove Titan, but also the accompanying Solo Pot 1800! (Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 combo) I quickly unboxed this one and pulled out my old Solo Stove & Solo Pot 900 to compare the newest Solo Stove combo against. I was happy to see the new nylon storage bags that Solo Stove chose to go with for their new products. These bags really keep them from getting gouged up and also keep the stove & pot a bit quieter while nesting one inside the other. 1-2 Once I had everything together and ready to go (or so I thought), I started a small fire with some dryer lint and small split pieces of wood. I immediately realized how large my kindling sticks could be because of the large size of the Titan. This gave me hope of not needing to continually feed tiny little twigs into it. I was now able to fit 5-6 inch sticks inside of the stove. The Titan stove quickly reminded me of the need to prepare a TON of split wood for these stoves, as they burn through them at a crazy rate due to their ingenious secondary burn system that this wood stove is known for. After running through my first meager handful of kindling, I decided to stop and split 4 times that amount with a lot of thicker pieces that would burn longer. This seemed to do the trick and allowed for me to have plenty of wood left over after my testing review. I also pre-coated the stove & pot with dish soap, which ended up saving me a great deal of scrubbing during cleanup. Once I had the fire burning hot and the wood stove primed (indicated by the wood gas burn-off at the top of the stove), I decided to see the time it would take to bring the Solo Pot 1800 to a full boil. The box advertised it to take about 6-7 minutes to bring it to a boil, but I decided to try half of the pot and had it boiling in about 7-8 minutes with feeding the fire sporadically. I have a feeling that it would have been double that, unless I was consistently feeding the fire with the oak kindling while bringing it to a boil. A great benefit of this stove is that it uses an unlimited fuel source (your mileage may vary, depending on your location) that is easy to gather at no additional cost to you. It also can be used while camping, hiking, during emergency situations, or even to survive. Its solid stainless steel construction (no moving parts) should afford me years of use with little chance of having a product failure. I have already suggested my old Solo Stove to my friends over the years, and I am happy to have another great wood stove & pot to suggest to them in the future!

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