Solo Stove Tripod (Review)


I’m pretty stoked to finally do a review for the Solo Stove Tripod, as this particular item works well with most all of my Solo Stove pots & stoves that I own… but it is also suitable to use with other butane/propane stoves and open campfires. The box itself made me think it was pretty small, but once assembled, this tripod stands up to about my chest (I’m 6’2”). The height is perfect, in my opinion, for adjusting it either while kneeling or standing. The included black sleeve works well for keeping all of the leg pieces together. And being made of aluminum, it is super lightweight as well, which is perfect to include in your hiking pack!

I would first like to point out that it is beneficial for you to find a stable, flat location to set the tripod on. You can get away with semi-level surfaces, but for the sake of balancing your hot cooking pot over an open flame, it’s just a good idea. I used the tripod in conjunction with my Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 (check out my review here!). With the exception of my not utilizing the pot stand with the stove as I should have, it worked flawlessly! The pot stand ring would have doubled as a wind guard and kept the flames better directed to the bottom of the pot.  This tripod really gets your cooking pot/container at exactly the right height, which is perfect when you don’t want it under direct flames. This basically equates to being able to adjust the heat to the cooking pot like you would on a standard stove.

1The tripod uses a simple chain to lower or raise the pot to precisely the right spot above your flame, with a cotter pin system that you simply slide into the chain right above the top of the tripod to keep it from moving. It’s so basic, yet such a perfect design for hiking/camping/survival!

My only primary concern, which will only be proven with a great length of time & use, is the screw portion of the legs. There are three sections per leg with a screw at the top of each leg. That means that there are 12 total screws that I feel “may” have the possibility of the threads of the screws stripping if you aren’t careful. I generally treat all of my gear with care, but aluminum is typically a softer metal. I would have really liked to see the screw only portion either tempered or made from a harder metal like steel or titanium, which should resolve my concern. I do intend on seeing if I can either find or make an aluminum or steel grate to hang over the flames to cook other types of food with. I think it will make this tripod even more versatile than it already is! Overall, I find this gear to be a valuable addition to all of my Solo Stove cookware… and I’m sad that I haven’t acquired one of these sooner!!

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