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Survival Gear & Preparations… the Most Important??

Since creating this blog, I’ve found myself overly busy while my wife and myself have changed jobs. This blog and my YouTube channel have been looming in my mind, but I can’t ever seem to pen the time into my schedule to create something for either. Today I’m going to take a moment to break away from that schedule.

I still read so many articles and survival blogs on almost a daily basis and there are a few things that always get flagged in my mind to talk about at some point on here. The first of these which I’d like to discuss is Survival Gear & Preparations.

Through the many discussions I read, I see “gear & preps” being touted as the “end all” to almost any survival situation that calls for people to determine their own fate.

I will admit, I even find myself feeling that gear equates to security. In some ways, this may be true… but only for a season.
I personally believe that while gear is good, it will only last for so long. Food set aside for emergencies are a very good idea as well, but that food will eventually (maybe sooner than you expected) run out.

What should we do when all of our preparations for survival have been used up? I’d like to submit to you that it doesn’t have to be the end to our existence. We can and should ready ourselves with the wisdom & knowledge that can far exceed our own survival abilities. Food might run out, but having the knowledge to procure more food is priceless. You may have a good amount of water stored up; be assured, the water will run out. Do you have the fortitude to gather more and purify it for drinking? What about the all-important gun? Your ammo will be used up eventually. There is no telling when or IF you will be able to get more ammo. The wisdom & knowledge to revert back to primitive/post-society living can be the difference between life or death. Don’t put all your faith & trust in things can be lost, broken, or stolen. God provides each of us, regardless of our recognition to Him for it, the ability to learn whatever we have set our mind to learn. That is something that cannot be taken from you, nor can it be used up. We have an infinite resource at our fingertips, so to speak… I would like to encourage you to make use of it.

Read, Study, Practice, Learn From Others… in the end, don’t allow for a possible blessing to turn into a curse because you didn’t act while you had the chance to.

Bran <><

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