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The PaleoStove (Review)


Just a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the owner of a company called PaleoStove. He told me a little about his company and asked if I would possibly be interested in trying out his first generation minimalistic wood stove. Since I’ve had plenty of experience using other wood stoves in the past, and his seemed to be very lightweight and compact, I let him know that I’d take a look at it to see what my thoughts were and do a review over my personal usage. He was generous enough to send me one of his stoves and I’m really happy he did!

As some of you might know, 20140618_105950I went on a hiking trip on the
Appalachian Trail
with my church group last year. Being from Florida, I had never been hiking up in the mountains before… much less on those very steep inclines & declines. It was such rough terrain that the Army Ranger camp at the base of one of the mountains had their troops training day and night up and down the mountain on foot, in Blackhawks, and Humvees while we were there. I quickly realized during my hike that the primary mistake I made on this trip was over packing. My new Osprey Xenith 75 pack weighed in at about 46lbs without water! After I returned from the A.T. hike, I realized my mistakes and focused on the items that I could omit and the items that I could switch out with lighter gear. One of those items happened to be my cooking system. I opted for my lightweight Etekcity butane/propane micro stove, along with my Solo Pot 1800 (normally paired with my Solo Stove Titan). It was functional, but not very light weight. I could have certainly gone lighter, and I’m confident that this PaleoStove can help me do just that on any future hikes that I go on.

20151024_122132The stove itself only weighs in at a mere 8.46oz (240g) and is made of high quality stainless steel with a waterjet cut stove pattern. With such a simple stove design, PaleoStove has made the task of assembly far too easy for any camping or hiking novice. There are only three sides to the stove that easily slide into each other at the corners. No additional pieces, wires, connectors, or anything else that might easily get lost. It all fits within the included cotton carrying bag (which could be used as an emergency tinder source if needed).Bag

The oxygen vent holes at the bottom, along with the wood feeding port on the front, are a perfect intentional design to help this stove perform at its max capacity! It also has grooves along the top pot stand portion of the stove to assist with the release of flames. As I pointed out in my video (below), the wood feeding port is perfect when you have kindling wood that is slightly too long to fit in the stove, as it allows you to feed the wood in as it burns. This optimizes the drying of even the wettest kindling wood in the feeding/burning process with an existing fire burning in the stove. The only thing you will want to be careful about is where you set your stove up, as there is no bottom, so all burning embers and ash will be directly on the ground. Cleanup is simple. After you have finished cooking, you can lift the hot stove up with sticks in the lower vent holes to move it, and then pour water onto the embers just as you would on a normal campfire. Just stir the ash, dirt and water and your fire will be out.Cook

While there seems to be many different wood burning stoves on the market today, the PaleoStove is one that I would personally put myself behind as the quality & simplicity of it is second to none! This will for sure become my go-to stove on my hiking & camping trips when every ounce counts!!

You can purchase the PaleoStove on Amazon. You can also find more information about the PaleoStove company at

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  1. Bill

    Why water jet cut, I can laser cut these

    • Bran

      There are obvious pro’s & con’s to each… but there is no thermal stress or striations to the metal when using a water jet like there are with laser cutting. Also, while not as precise, water cutting does offer a smoother cut. I would presume that’s some of the reasons the manufacturer chose this method, possibly along with the cost effectiveness of it. But that’s just my thoughts.

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