ThorFire BL02 CREE XM-L2 LED Bike Headlight (Review)


In the past, I’ve used headlights on my bicycles… but not since way back in high school, when those lights were still using the old halogen bulbs and about 4 AA batteries. They worked alright, but the batteries didn’t last all that long, and the light they put out were marginal at best.

I’ve had an excellent experience with ThorFire’s VG10 Tactical Flashlight, which I just did a review on a few months back. For as bright as that flashlight happened to be, DSC03337I had even higher expectations for this headlight since it has double the LED power. The ThorFire BL02 headlight features dual-beam CREE XM-L2 natural white LED headlamps with an astounding max output of 1,240 lumens! The closest thing I’ve seen to this kind of light is actual car headlights! While that amount of lumens throws out an eye melting beam of light, it also creates a LOT of heat in such a small package. But the design of this light is brilliant and was produced with aluminum alloy housing that helps dissipate such high heat. The light kit comes with the BL02 headlight, an 8,800mah battery pack, two connector cables, and a really neat multi-function LED tail light with dual integrated ground lasers. The tail light is pretty fun to cycle through the various light settings, and the laser function is there to provide constant or flashing “bike lane” on the ground next to and behind your bicycle. This allows for the cars to better see exactly where the side of your bicycle is in relation to their vehicle.

So that I was able to observe the use of the headlight & tail light from the perspective of the user as well as an observer, and so I could take photos, I asked my father to be my test subject.

He was pretty excited to ride around using this light, as he had already seen me turn it on when I first received it and was impressed by the lumens that this thing casts.

Giddy like a kid at Christmas time, it was really difficult to keep him from shining this bright flood of light at oncoming cars. But there was absolutely NO doubt in my mind that the other vehicles saw the ThorFire BL02 from the very end of the block! It was super easy to cycle through the three brightness settings, as well as giving it a quick double tap to turn on the strobe setting. However, as you’ll see, I feel that the strobe setting could be better utilized in a different way…

This is kind of different for a review, but I personally would LOVE to see this light with the ability to attach to a rifle with a pressure switch. The strobe would blow all other defensive weapons lights out of the water! If this light can take the vibration and shock from being on a bicycle, then it should be able to take the recoil of a rifle. It’s a new market that I’m suggesting, I suppose… but I think it would be a great one to (double) tap into!!!
Since the time change this fall, it’s also been getting darker out earlier and earlier. While out walking my son around the block in his stroller this evening, I also came up with a secondary use for this light out of necessity.  The solution you ask? Attach the ThorFire BL02 headlight to the handlebar of our stroller!


This was an idea that thoroughly impressed my wife and entertained my son as he could see everything down the street in almost complete darkness, and all of the oncoming vehicles had no problem seeing us from a distance either! I’m once again finding myself sold on ThorFire’s excellent light products!!





You can purchase the ThorFire BL02 on Amazon. You can also find more information about the ThorFire company at thorfiredirect.com and on their Facebook Page

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***I received this item from the company for review purposes. This is my honest & unbiased review based on my personal experience using this particular product.***


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