ThorFire VG10 Tactical Flashlight (Review)

I’ve heard plenty of my friends talk about their flashlights using CR123A & 18650 batteries, but I always thought it wouldn’t be beneficial or cost effective using a flashlight that uses different batteries than what I normally use. I was absolutely wrong on both accounts! I wasn’t sure what to expect, as all of my other flashlights use AA batteries. The second I turned it on right after I pulled it out of the box, I was blown away by how powerful this thing is! It was bright enough for both of my parents and my wife to all say “Whoa, that thing really IS bright!” With the Cree XM-L2 LED, I guess I shouldn’t have been terribly surprised. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more on similar flashlights that were nowhere near the brightness of this light! You can purchase it here, ThorFire VG10 Tactical Flashlight on Amazon

While sorting through the box, I immediately noticed a little bag with accessories. Once I finished looking over the flashlight, I opened the little bag and started looking through the pieces. I’m used to seeing accessories with items like these, but not what came included with this flashlight. My wife even joked that you could probably make your own flashlight with everything they have included!

DSC01746I found a second replacement glass lens with protective film on it, 3 replacement O-rings, a belt holster, a tactical ring, a lanyard, a replacement rotary switch for the tail cap of the flashlight, a charger, and the 3000mAh 18650 rechargeable battery. It can also take two CR123A batteries (not included), but I don’t see the need in using two batteries instead of one. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a company include all of this in with a flashlight at this price point! I tried to put the Tactical Ring onto my flashlight, but I could not seem to get it completely screwed on where the end cap could screw all the way onto the flashlight. It could have been user error, but it almost felt like either the flashlight or the tactical ring wasn’t threaded correctly. Not a huge deal as I’m not a “tactical” person, so I just left it off. As much as I love the battery charger, I personally wish that it utilized a USB cord system so that it could be used with my Goal Zero solar panel. Apart from those small things, I find this flashlight bundle to be a fantastic lighting option!

I decided to take my flashlight down to a huge field near my home to see how bright it was in almost complete darkness (except for a couple far off street lights). It was bright enough to light up the tree line at the very back side of the field on the brightest setting. I progressively lowered the light settings until I got to the lowest “Moon” setting, which I had to shine down at the grass at my feet just for my camera to pick it up. [Photo Link] I’ll also post a photo breakdown of the 4 separate beam settings at the very bottom. Keep in mind that I was using a camera that made the almost complete dark field look like dusk, but it’s just because the camera magnifies any available light to make photos brighter. I will say that the settings indeed work, but take a little getting used to when cycling through them and selecting the setting that you want to use next time you turn the light on.

Overall, I’m very impressed by the quality of the VG10 flashlight and the brightness of the beam that it effortlessly throws out into the darkness. With the battery installed, the aluminum body of the flashlight feels fairly hefty and places a good weight in your hand. I did make the mistake of not charging the 3000mAh 18650 battery to full capacity when I first received it, which it was MUCH brighter after I did… I guess I was too eager to use my new light. Overall, I’ll certainly be telling my friends about this awesome flashlight!

You can purchase this compact little light at the following link on Amazon: ThorFire VG10 Tactical Flashlight

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Light Breakdown:

Combined Beams

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